Voluntary Administration

Voluntary Administration (VA) is a process that enables insolvent companies to satisfy their debts. Once an administrator is appointed, the administrator can assist the company to trade its way into a healthier financial position with a view to either the company:

(a)    being placed back into the director’ control,

(b)    entering into a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) or

(c)     being placed into liquidation.

Administration begins generally when the company directors (not the shareholders) resolve that the company is or is expected to become insolvent (but it can commence when a liquidator believes that that a proposed DOCA may give creditors a better return that liquidator or if a secured creditor has a right under their finance arrangements to appoint an administrator).

During a Voluntary Administration, the directors lose all control of the company and the administrator assumes sole responsibility the assets and affairs of the company.

There are 2 creditors meetings in a Voluntary Administration, the first within 8 business days of the administrator being appointed and the second, within 30 business days of that date. At this second meeting, the creditors determine the company’s fate – choosing either to enter into a DOCA if one is proposed or liquidation.

Secured creditors can exercise their security in a VA but must do so within 13 business days of the administration commencing. Unsecured creditors are unable to enforce their claims during the moratorium period that exists during the administration.

During the administration period, any guarantee of company debts cannot be enforced against a director etc.

VA ends on the entry into of a DOCA, if the creditors so resolve, if the company is placed into liquidation or if the Court orders it to end.


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